Troy Nihart Appointed President of Flag Digital

Troy Nihart President Flag Digital

[Frisco, TX | January 9, 2024] Flag Digital, a leading digital Web3 technology company based in Frisco, TX, announced today that Troy Nihart has been appointed as its new president. Nihart will be responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, strategy, and growth, as well as leading its team of creative and technical experts.

Troy Nihart brings over 20 years of experience in brand development and strategic growth strategy of emerging sectors. He has previously served in C-level positions of two publicly traded companies and was a pioneer in developing the first commerically viable CBD supply chain to the cannabis industry. Nihart was also the co-founder of Kannaway, a health and wellness network marketing company.

“I am thrilled to join Flag Digital and work with such a talented and passionate group of people,” Nihart said. “Flag Digital is delivering innovative and effective Web3 solutions for its clients across various industries and markets. I look forward to building on this success and taking the company to the next level of excellence and growth.”

Flag Digital’s founder and CEO, Mike Magolnick, expressed his confidence in Nihart’s appointment, saying, “Troy is a visionary and experienced leader who has a deep understanding of the Web3 landscape and the needs of our clients. He has a strong background in developing emerging markets I am confident that Troy will lead Flag Digital to new heights of innovation and profitability.”

Flag Digital is a full-service Web3 agency that offers a range of services, including web design and development, blockchain integrations and performance-based marketing. The company serves clients from various industries, such as sports, music and entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

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