The Simplicity of Flag Digital and Its Global Gig Economy Community: THRIVE 247

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Web 3 is an exciting new era of the internet that promises to empower users with more control, privacy, and creativity. However, Web 3 can also be complex and confusing for many people who are not familiar with the technologies and concepts behind it. That’s why Flag Digital, a leading Web 3 technology and media company, has created THRIVE 247, a Global Gig Community powered by the Flag Blockchain. This is the world’s first gig community powered by Web 3 technology. Flag’s Global Gig Community is a platform that connects gig workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with opportunities, resources, and support as well as Web 3 education. THRIVE 247 has three pillars: content, commerce, and community, all powered by the Flag Blockchain, a layer 1, high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform.

“With the introduction of THRIVE 247, Flag Digital is positioned to create mass adoption to its Web 3 technology,” said Flag Digital President, Troy Nihart. “Our mission has always been to create The Blockchain for Everyone and the THRIVE 247 initiative will accelerate user adoption and further our advancements to complete the mission,” continued Nihart.

Content: talk News Channels

The first pillar of the Global Gig Community is content. Content is the fuel that drives the economy and community. Members can share the content and earn from their engagement with the Company’s proprietary technology, Share-Engine. Flag Digital has created talk News Channels, a network of news channels that cover various topics, such as business, technology, lifestyle, beauty, wellness and entertainment. is a channel that educates and empowers those in the Gig Economy. Users can also interact on the talk Channels with each other and with the content creators through comments, likes, and tips.

Commerce: Thrive 247 Marketplace

The second pillar of the Global Gig Community is commerce. The marketplace enables users to buy and sell goods and services using Web 3 technology such as smart contracts, digital wallets, and peer-to-peer transactions. Flag Digital has created Thrive 247, a commerce platform that allows brick and mortar business as well as digital content producers to create, manage, and grow their own online businesses powered by Performance Based Marketing which means they will only pay for marketing services when they get the results they are looking for. THRIVE 247 members have access to a variety of tools and resources to help them with marketing, branding, customer service, and analytics.

Community: My Royal Society

The third pillar of the Global Gig Community is the community. The Community is the glue that binds the Web 3 GIG economy, as it enables users to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Flag Digital has created My Royal Society, a platform that allows users to create and participate in various groups and forums related to their interests, passions, and goals. Users can also earn rewards, recognition, and influence by contributing to the community and by voting on important decisions.

Simplicity: Flag Digital & THRIVE 247

Flag Digital’s mission is to create the Blockchain for Everyone providing Web3 users with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Users can access all three pillars of the platform using a single account and a single digital identity. Users can also use the Flag Blockchain as the underlying infrastructure for all their Web 3 activities. Flag Digital’s CEO, Mike Magolnick, explains the simplicity of the platform in this video.

Flag Digital aims to democratize the Web 3 GIG economy by empowering users with ease of use and more control, privacy, and creativity. THRIVE 247 and My Royal Society offers users a simple way to access the benefits of Web 3 without the complexity via the Flag Blockchain.

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