SporesMD Joins the Brand Thrive 247 Platform


[Frisco, TX | January 12, 2024] SporesMD, the best source of premium spores and amanita edibles, revealed today that it has engaged Flag Digital, the leading Web3 technology agency, to become one of the first companies to join the Brand Thrive 247 platform and adopt Web3 technology in its online ecosystem. Brand Thrive 247 is an innovative platform that allows businesses to harness the potential of decentralized networks, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics and the power of performance-based marketing to boost their efficiency and success.

By joining the platform, SporesMD will gain access to a global community of customers and collaborators who share its passion for exploring the amazing world of legal magic mushroom research. Anticipated integration is expected for completion in Q2-2024.

“We are thrilled to partner with Flag Digital and join the Brand Thrive 247 platform,” said Brain Bautista, the founder of SporesMD. “We believe that Web3 technology is the future of the internet, and we want to be at the forefront of this innovation. By integrating Web3 technology into our online ecosystem, we will be able to offer our customers a more secure, transparent, and rewarding experience, while also expanding our reach and impact in the legal magic mushroom market.”

About SporesMD

SporesMD is the ultimate destination for anyone curious about legal magic mushroom products. Its lab-grade products are ideal for scientific and educational purposes. SporesMD offers a wide range of popular spores, such as Golden Teacher, Penis Envy and Blue Meanie, all delivered in a sterile syringe applicator for easy handling and they also offer the best variety of Amanita gummies and edibles, tinctures, and chocolates, that stimulate the mind with natural compounds.

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