Flag Digital 2023 State Of The Company


[Frisco, TX | December 20, 2023] Flag Digital Corp, a leading provider of Web3-based solutions, held a call on December 20, 2023, hosted by CEO, Mike Magolnick, and President, Troy Nihart. The call was aimed at discussing the progress the company made in 2023 and the plans for 2024.

During the call, the executives discussed the successful launch of the Flag Blockchain, which has been instrumental in providing secure and transparent transactions for the sports and entertainment initiatives recently launched which have been well-received by both industries.

The executives also discussed the technology challenges that the company faced in 2023 and the need to raise additional capital to continue to innovate and grow. The company is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients and is looking forward to raising the necessary capital to achieve this goal.

Looking ahead to 2024, Flag Digital announced the launch of its performance marketing ecosystem, Brand Thrive 24/7. This ecosystem will provide clients with a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to help them grow their businesses. Additionally, the company announced its partnership with miniOrange, which will assist the company’s technology team in accelerating Web3 adoption and help companies integrate Web3 services into their WordPress websites.

“We are excited about the progress we have made in 2023 and are looking forward to an even more successful 2024,” said Magolnick. “We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solutions and are confident that our new initiatives will help us achieve this goal.”

For more information about Flag Digital, click here. To listen to a replay of the call, click the link below.



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